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Winter Veil 2016

Truefast / Dec 17, 2016
Snowglobes have been added to Orgrimmar, Ironforge, and Dalaran! While inside, you have the holiday gnome/goblin transformation and are able to fly
The BB King achievements have been hotfixed to remove Varian and Vol'jin from the required leaders
The Endothermic Blaster is the gift this year, rewarding Brr... It's Cold in Here
Miniature Winter Veil Tree is now item level 835.
Finely-Tailored Red Holiday Hat is dropped by Talixae Flamewreath in Court of Stars
Finely-Tailored Green Holiday Hat is dropped by Illysanna Ravencrest (Black Rook Hold) and King Deepbeard (Eye of Azshara)
The Abominable Greench now scales with your level, so you can do the quest on a non max level character
Greatfather Winter spawns hourly near 50, 79 at the top of the mountain, rides down, granting 500 Order Resources to anyone along the way.
New Winter's Veil music was added in Patch 7.1
Disposable Winter Veil Suits hasn't been seen yet, but is listed as a Winter's Veil item
Don't forget to do the followup to You're a Mean One..., as it rewards Smokywood Pastures Special Gift, which has a small chance to contain Winter's Grasp or Flames of Ragnaros.
The Garrison related Winter Veil activities are still around, so check those out if you missed them last year.


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